Friday, July 1, 2011


This is our dog:

She is probably Rottweiler, maybe Shepard and a lot of mutt and she is ours. We purchased her for a whopping sum of $22 from a local in Tariat and we have loved her ever since.

Her name was Simba but we decided that a much funnier name that we could never get away with at home is "Cookies". And it fits because she adores food, like passionately in love with anything that has ever smelt or dealt food.

We got her for our protection and to protect the horses but she sleeps like a rock, snores like a lumberjack and occasionally will try to bark at our own horses. But we love her anyways.

And it was inevitable that we had to give her away, we can't bring her to Edmonton and we searched across Mongolia for a loving home for her. Mongolians aren't known for their love of dogs, in fact, they are universally petrified of them, but we asked as many people as we could for somewhere that would love her as much as we did.

A tough goodbye and a few tears later, "Cookies" is now the new guardian and occasional trekking companion at Bonda Lake Guesthouse in Hatgal, Mongolia. If you are ever there, give her a kiss for us.

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