Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Ulaanbataar is known for very little, it's a hodge-podge of a city that seems to have no rhyme or reason.

And it's notorious for pickpockets.
Except my ninja skills are way too good for these amateurs. I caught one today trying to unzip a pocket on my day bag. I yelled at him out in English pretty good but I've only been here a day, so my Mongolian curses aren't quite up to snuff.
Other than that, it's been somewhat uneventful arrival in Mongolia. My first impressions are that Mongolians are incredibly peaceful people, they leave you alone but are willing to help and friendly. Tourists don't get lots of unwanted attention (except from hordes of pickpockets) and there are tons of tourism resources to choose from. It's a fantastic introduction to the Trans-Siberian adventure.

I have booked to leave Thursday on a 6 day horse/camel/foot trek through a set of gers to stay in yurts and hang out with some nomads. Sounds cool - I learnt how to play a game with sheep ankle bones today (FYI - I kicked ass) and learned some useful phrases in Mongolian. Except I didn't learn - "Help, my ass hurts". Apparently the saddles used here are made of wood and I can only assume what I'll feel like after 12kms of horse riding.

I'll be staying in the traditional housing and doing stuff...I'm a little clear about what the days will consist of but I hope it will be peaceful and photogenic.

So, I'll be off the grid for a bit while I experience the true Mongol style and pretend I'm Chinggis Khan taking over the world.

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