Thursday, June 24, 2010

There are moments

There are moments when you travel where everything is right. Where you feel at peace, calm, happiness, breathless, whatever you want to call it.

Like when I watched the sunset on Lake Baikal on a boat overlooking Shaman rocks - one of the most sacred places in Buryat culture. The sky turned pink all across the lake and the stillness was infectious.

Or when I saw the Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg for the first time and just stood there, mouth agape and staring at the splendor of it all.

There are 'moments' where I catch myself smiling like an idiot bumping across a pot-holed road in Siberia in a chocked full marshtruky bus for 8 hours and being more uncomfortable than you could imagine and yet being happy.

It's not that there are none of these breath-stopping moments at home - nights at the cabin, drinks with the girls. But 'moments' when you travel are particularly special because they can be so unexpected, so untimed and often after a long day's travel or a few days without a shower.

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