Sunday, August 22, 2010

Onwards and Upwards

This is it.

One more flight.

I leave for Edmonton on Tuesday to finally make it home. Part of me can't wait to see friends and family and the familiarity of a grocery store. But, most of me is itching to get back on a plane and take off to the next destination.

I like to fly - it gives me an opportunity to have what I call a 'full-stop' - a time where you can't do anything and you are forced to sit and relax. I also really like to fly on private jets.

I realized something today - my first flight was in economy where I got bumped to business class. My second flight was business class, a few short economy flights in between...then all the way up to First class from Hong Kong to Vancouver.

And, just when I thought I would have to slum it once again - I'm off on a private jet back home. It just keeps getting better.

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