Friday, April 15, 2011

Wine, Chocolate and Mountains

I have found my gustatory dream: Argentina. Everyone warned me of the massive beef consumption and that I would starve while watching others devour steak after glorious steak.

Those that warned me of the beef forgot that I can live for weeks, if not years, on wine and chocolate alone. Argentina is famous for its Malbec - the gentle and fruity red wine that is delicious in sangria. And it's chocolate is world class.

Around Mendoza there are countless wineries that are conveniently located within biking distance of one another. A few wine tastings later your bike isn't quite as stable as it once was, but in 28 degree heat and a perfectly sunny day, being a bit tipsy seems like it's a perfect moment in time.

Next on the destination list is Bariloche in Patagonia - famous for chocolate and mountains. We've been bar hopping from chocolate store to chocolate store while admiring the mountains. Add in some Patagonian Malbec and I have found my calling in life - to be a super fat and drunk hiker.

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  1. I love it... everything about Argentina. The soccer, the wine, and yes, the cycling. It's my new past time here it seems. But everything is better after a glass of vino!