Wednesday, June 20, 2012

En Route

Upgrade #1 complete.

I am currently sitting in the Business Class Lounge in Heathrow after my well-deserved upgrade to business en route to Maputo.

Maputo?  Where the effff is that?  You aren't alone if that name hasn't hit the Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego games.  So far, every airline staff I have spoken with have no idea what MPM stands for.

I just hope it exists.

2 more flights to go.  A 13 hour leg to Joburg leaving in an hour then a quick jaunt over to a-possibly-non-existent city.

My sister has decided to join me on this little directionless jaunt.  I have given her the Lonely Planet so that I have an excuse to have not read a page before arriving.  Randomness is part of the fun right?  It's all about exploring not planning?

I sure hope so

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