Thursday, July 12, 2012

Travel Snob

I'm one of those people.  The types of people that travel enough to start comparing destinations.

Mozambique beaches were nice, but not as nice as (insert beautiful locale here) but much nicer than (insert overrated destination here).

I think it's simply a product of experience but this trip in Mozambique really brought it to a head.  I didn't like Mozambique, there was nothing wrong with it; the people were exceptionally friendly, the beaches were actually beautiful and my sister and I had a fun time.  But it wasn't up to snuff, because I'm officially a travel snob.

It didn't have the flavour of Guinea with the rhythms and drumming everywhere, the food was edible at best and not like Ethiopia.  The beaches were nice but lacked character.  The cities were blah, not like the energy of Dakar or the hassle of Bamako.  The sights were modest like Senegal but it lacked a certain soul and root that anchors me in Africa.

Yet, I would highly recommend Mozambique for anyone interested in a beach holiday or a gentle, oh so gentle, introduction to Africa.

Me?  I prefer noisy, stinky, constant hassle, soulful, traditional, spirited Africa of Mali, Ethiopia or even Morocco.

Hate me if you must, I'm one of those.


  1. sounds like its time for Lagos, Nigeria

  2. I'm not sure if I'll ever have the courage for Lagos....eeep!