Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chill Out Day

Chilling out is important when you are gone for 3 months - it involves a day online or reading in a cafe or sitting in a park doing absolutely nothing. Also called "Western" days or "Administrative" days - these are the days where you can't feel bad about doing nothing.

Today is my "Chill Out" day. Except, it's not supposed to be literal, the Chinese take Air Con to a new level - its bloody freezing everywhere. And that is a Canadian talking - that means seriously cold. Plus, AC units are dirty filthy beasts that circulate gross air breathed by billions of people and barely manage to filter out the intense pollution here in China.

It's totally the AC's fault I'm sick.

So now my "Personal" day is turning into the adventures of buying flu medication in a Chinese pharmacy, trying to swallow food through the golf balls stuck in my throat and power walking to sweat it out.

That being said - my AC is on right now. (it's HOT here!)

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