Friday, July 30, 2010

Happiness is.....

It was incredible.

Most of you have seen this picture already but here it is again.

For your information - I'm presuming no one else will hold a panda in their lifetime - they are pretty heavy. This little guy was about 60 pounds. Their fur is coarse. He sat still because they put honey on his paw that he was sucking like a baby sucking their thumb. He is about 1 year old and I am really happy in this picture.

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  1. Hello, Professor Kachur! Or, I guess I can call you Torah now? I'm actually one of your students from Biol 201 who happened to have done the exam today and saw the bonus questions. (Sadly, no, I didn't get it right, I don't think. My answer also wasn't very original. On reflection, I should have put something more interesting down.) So, my friend was looking for your science site so we can figure out just which site it was... and then she linked me to this blog. Then I started reading (because I really have nothing better to do... and traveling is one of my dreams~)
    And then I realized I was PAGES into your blog and decided I better comment before I creep myself out anymore for creeping your blog. And what better place to comment than seeing you do what I have always wanted to-- Hold a panda.
    I find it amazing that you could do all this traveling during summer despite having all your research and teaching going on. I was very... I guess impressed? More like baffled and INSANELY jealous to see and read about your adventures. And now I made it my life goal to do something cool like this. *Totally inspired!* Well, I originally wanted to be a professor (still aiming for it) so I could travel as I do field research. But this kind of fun adventure is really something I would LOVE to try. Definitely inspired to go traveling and then write a book. (Now I'm aiming too high... ha!)
    Anyways, Just thought that what you're doing is way beyond cool, so I wanted to drop a 'hi'. It's definitely really awesome to read about your adventures with awesome (and some... not as epic... like the Chinese military men and the bribe incident..) people!
    I... should also drop my name (haha, I just realized. It might be a bit freaky to get a random comment from some random kid from your class)
    -Jacqueline Fung