Sunday, May 22, 2011

And They're Off

There are still some negotiations and prices to settle but if we can bargain hard, we will be off into the wilderness tomorrow.

We have selected 3 horses and they all seem very pleasant and somewhat healthy, it is a long hard winter on the horses and the weather is finally turning to allow grasses to grow so they are still a bit skinny and weak. That didn’t stop our horseman from showing us the biggest nag of the bunch – a white old stallion that has masses growing all over its body and has definitely seen better days. Then, when they said we could try lassoing one on our own, they were a bit impressed to find that we picked out their best and most beautiful horse. (although Kelti didn’t succeed on the whole lasso thing). It wasn’t until about an hour later that they told us that, in fact, that particular horse is not for sale. But the white one is still up for grabs.

In short, we have found 4 horses that will suit, we still have to negotiate which of the three we will pick but some of the choice will take into consideration that our pimped out Canadian saddles are about 10 sizes too big for the ponies they pass off as horses here. But, we hacked the shit out of our saddles with new holes in the cinch and all sorts of cutting and hole punching and they fit…. Sort of.

It will calm all of your fearful loved ones that we will also try to negotiate in a guide for the first 5 days to, literally, show us the ropes. It will be nice to have someone to show us how to tend to the horses while we struggle to make camp. We practiced with our stove today, it only took 5 tries to get it going. We’re hoping when we actually set up camp that it will bring that down to 2 tries. If not, we can always eat ramen noodles uncooked.

We will likely be in contact in a couple of weeks or so when we hit Moron (pronounced Muroon but they didn’t think to write it like that). We will desperately need a shower by then and we might even find internet to check in.

Until then, the horse girls of the Mongolian steppes are going into the wild. Peace out.

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  1. I love that the saddles are way too big. Of course they are! I would feel awful riding a malnourished creature... tell Kelti to start slipping them some steroids to beef them up a bit!