Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Fear Factor

I was just thinking of going into my account and writing a blog about how things are coming together - we had a plan - White Lake to Khosvgol for 5 weeks.

Then the proverbial shit hit the fan.

We found out we needed a border permit to visit the Northern reaches of our itinerary - which is basically impossible to get because of logistics and time it takes to get this free permit.

I opened up an email from a tour agent that I had contacted and he basically said "Don't do it, it's irresponsible, you will get robbed, you will lose your horses, you will get lost"

And now Kelti and I are kinda freaking out.

Don't worry - we're still going, we just need to rework our route, think about renting horses and maybe even taking a guide. I don't know but we'll be leaving Friday at the latest to start. By then, we'll have gotten our confidence back and will be set to go.

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  1. Well, glad you haven't listened to any members of your family or a registered tour guide in Mongolia... I mean that would be crazy. God forbid you get robbed!!! Be safe or I'll send Cole in after you!